The black brick wall.

The wall stands strong but cold to the touch, its to high to climb and to deep to go under. Your made to stand in front of the firing squad hands tied to the post, ankles as well. The officer give his speech, before walking towards the lone standing convicted soldier, the officer places his […]

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A Celtic mythology dream.

The water whispers as the druid King walks upon the vibrating mist of time. His fairy princes sings his name along the wings of the swirling wind that blows way up in the tree tops. His crown is his alone, it sits upon his head, like his princess clove fit her hand. His empire flows […]

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History in the making.

The peoms of L. From through the looking glass. Boom boom, bang, bang, for everyone wants to be a blood, but it only the weak that carries the G..? You know him, his the one that trys to hard to be raw, he’s the one with tears in his eyes as he stare into the […]

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L. The nights calling.

This is a poem from my collection called through the looking glass. No one can tell me what to do, tripping that’s it tell me what you want to do. L. I’m the man!!! How warm is your love, how hot is your love. The smell of her hair, sends me into rapture. It might […]

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Butterfly Falls.

A refection of what we take for granted. A poem of unforseen disastrous consequences of a viral pandemic. To sneeze or cough, we may all have a shortness of breath. Beauty flys on Wings of the butterfly as it floats on thermal winds, it flutters and hovers collecting it’s nectar. Leaving life-giving pollen upon the […]

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