Poetical word blindness.

A poem, did enter my head but it’s words did leave me! Unknowing what it did mean. As I did gaze upon the paper! blank in my expression at the wordless paper set before me . Confusion did now rain! As the perfusion of its words cascade across the paper, before me in an uncorrupted […]

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An Irish county estate .

Sunlight shone upon the golden velvet of Moss that had gathered at the foot of the old bog Road. As the old Earl, he did step form out of his stately castle doorway. To the sounds of the flowing silver river. It was at the gathering of its waters. At sandbanked grotto, were the kingfisher […]

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My dear brother .

My dear brother, why do you always have to try and fill that vide, thats left behind in the fading light of a dieing romance . Ho why, When you have already tried, beyond that point we call love. She defend this her living darkness. That we can only now call her hate, for it […]

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The duel.

Time to bleed for the unworthy lover for she did play the game ho so well. The clash of cold Steel and the Sparks of a forgotten life hangs, within the balance. As her experience lover, extrude within his own confidence upon his younger opponent. The duel now nears it’s end as she brushes from […]

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When it all fell into place.

She had to close down everything, she had to just empty out her mind, she did shut her eyes, so that you could feel her pain! In her dark and dingy basement, she did but open up my mind to the extraordinary erotic pleasures of not knowing. I did not see or feel the dirt […]

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Doing something you like.

Free from the pressure of your lifes work and constant naggin from her in doors. This is every man’s dream but what’s the chances of this happening, not a lot I here your minds working overtime. Well now. Life can become everything you ever wanted from it a great job, a wife partner. That every […]

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