We where almost there .

This is a new collection of poems from beyond the brocken glass.  They come from the electronic pen of M.L.Behan. He  hopes you will all like them . This is the first of them . In the light of day they’ll sleep, but only till they are awoken, by the coming of the dusky evening […]

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We sit alone on the trone .

You can try and squeeze one out or just sit and contemplate  the coming relief or  it just might hang there. Then their is the additional inconvenience of that cold shocking exploration of water on the outer edges of one’s anus from the splashback. As the bomb bay doors open so as to release its  […]

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I am a Giant.

I am a giant so come and stand upon my shoulders and see my world of milk and honey . I am a giant so come and see my rivers flowing with life and happiness for you and yours. I am a giant so come and smell what’s cooking in my kitchen because in my […]

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A night beside old miss.

A shot glass of old Tennessee sipping  whiskey and the smell of  burning tabacoo swerling fills the room. Her head is filled with ideas about the man that stands at the end of the bar, he lifts his glass and sips his drink. A slow song hits the jukebox and the speaker’s come into life […]

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The unfortunate fact.

They were still swinging in the wind , assuming that he’s body was blowing in the breeze of the old willow tree. They had lashed him 100 hundred times just because he was black . He was not the first and he was for sure not going to be the last.

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He stands in wate.

I opened the door and their he was , it was not an ambush or a freak accident that he stood alone watching from across the street, for death does not wate for any-body. He could be a freind, or just acquaintance but for sure he was there for me or for you He did […]

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